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Amageo Limited is based in Seend Cleeve, Melksham, Wiltshire.

We specialise in understanding requirements and tailoring Micrsoft Office software to save clients' time and money.

If you spend more time than you think you should typing in data, formatting or correcting documents, or struggling with lots of data, you need to consider office automation.

Services include:

  • Automation of Excel and Word to reduce mundane tasks and improve formatting and reporting.
  • Transforming data and extracting information
  • Creation of bespoke databases in MS Access
  • Import and export of data.

Office Automation include:

  • Form-driven input to populate titles, headers, footers etc.
  • Bespoke spelling and grammar checking.
  • Ribbon customisation
  • User-Defined functions in Excel
  • Text extraction from information
  • Automated charts

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Amageo Limited are proud sponsors of Seend Beer Festival 2017.